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PFE Viatris spin off

If you buy or hold shares of Pfizer over the next two trading days 11/12 and 11/13 you will receive 12 shares of Viatris for every 100 shares of Pfizer you own.

Through the merger with Mylan, Pfizer is paying off 12 Billion of their debt. That would essentially be enough to pay off all short term debt only leaving them with long term liabilities.

The CEO did sell off a significant portion of his shares on Monday when the vaccine was announced. Huge sell off today as the news has been circulating.

I would expect a huge turn around over the next two days. There will be an increase of buying pressure from institutions wanting to scoop up free shares as well as a decrease in sell orders from institutions wanting to keep those shares.

Play: buy a shit ton of calls ITM or ATM for end of week and try to exercise one to get free shares through the merger. Good luck

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