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Listen up you degens.


I’ve been quiet about this shit but I feel like my time has finally come. I work with influenza research companies and the tl;dr is that I haven’t gotten this bullish for a while. So if you have the reading comprehension of a toddler and you get furious when you see words with too many syllables, buy what you see in the big letters above this paragraph — then come suckle on this free teat.


2020 has entered chat.


For anyone alive right now, this entire year and what we’ve been dealing with is an absolute fucking first. This year will set the precedent for how this kind of bullshit will be dealt with, and it’s always going to be the same. Covid will change how humans interact on a daily basis from now on, whether you like it or not. Little news flash for all the fucks that never graduated high school — viruses will get stronger over time. They are always one step ahead of our efforts of killing them. This is it, you are literally living during a period that is pivotal for humans. Our society is going to change drastically once everything settles.

This entire year has been completely shot down and nullified due to disease and rampant inbred retardation. We would have literally been in an upward climb this entire year if it weren't for the virus adding to market uncertainty. However, we've gotten past a ton of random up and down chaos and most recently proved that not even the literal election cycle can negatively affect our now-stabilizing market.


Fuck the bears.


Read the following carefully — will be no Civil War. Historically they have been over land, therefore it makes no sense in our current atmosphere. You're not going to see militia groups of tacticool guys running around shooting unarmed civilians just because liberals don't agree with their view point. That is called murder, and that opens the door for military power to…




We're done, we are past all of that. In comes the most easy investment over the next month — PFE and BNTX.

There never has been a better time to spotlight a company with absolute certainty of gains. Today we saw a small rally on PFE and BNTX for only the slightly autistic, basically because non-science people don’t understand how a vaccine functions. They’d only understand what 90% means if you put it in terms of how many nights a week their wives run off to their boyfriends. We are about to see a massive surge in the coming week. It is said that a vaccine with roughly 60-70% effectiveness would have been expected, but 90%+ effectiveness is the overall goal of squashing anything this bad. We are there, we have actually hit the target, and the biggest news is that Pfizer achieved this without federal aid. We’re only now getting the reactions of big heads and other companies talking about it in the after hours of the market. Strap the fuck in.

The news of 90% effectiveness is literal biological terminology for the company basically wrapping it up. Once the vaccine ships, the news will fly. PFE and BNTX will gain a ridiculous amount of popularity. Don't be fooled, they are not generating much revenue from the selling of this actual vaccine locally in the US — this will most likely be a pump and minor dump. BUT, and big but… The doors will open up as the vaccine would be needed globally, and more often from now on. We have doctors from all over the world working inside of PFE, this is a global fucking effort. Once you scare a population this bad and fuck with people’s livelihoods as bad as COVID did, you can sure as hell expect more investment in biological firms like PFE and BNTX from here and out. They will be the saving grace of huge national shut downs from now on.


PFE 39.5c 11/13

PFE 39.5c 11/20

PFE 39c 1/15

BNTX 105c 11/20

BNTX 105c 12/18


PS don’t buy any mink coats unless you want covid #2

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