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Palantir Demo Day April 14th Calls?

Hey, so if anyone remembers, PLTR Demo Day in January 26th turned out to be a huge success. They showed some new features and focused on how they normally show off new feature releases for their customers. They also gave us a little something with what I like to call the "X-Com Global Defense Demo". It literally fking rocked.

The stock was hovering at $34.32-$36.87 through the day and closed at $35.37 kinda non-spectacularly.

However, what happened the next day was a huge surprise to everyone since the stock surged to the ATH $45 before closed at $39.

This new demo coming on April 14th (next Wednesday) is the first in a *series* of demos. Sounds like some more in depth about how it works. Hopefully it's not just a bunch of doods with crappy microphones reading off a boring ass script in their kitchen again.

Do you think we'll see another pop? I'm semi doubtful since it seems a lot of sentiment has shifted over to GME, but it looks like the volume is super low. $PLTR hasn't seen major trading volume for nearly a month. I bought a bunch of shares at $9 back in early October and bought some more when it was in the teens. I feel like dumping some to buy dorifto car for the summer, but if they're gonna pop next week, I might hold on to them a little longer.

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