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OSMT – priming for a buyout

Osmotica Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:OSMT) seems to be ramping up for a buyout.

OSMT has created eye drops RVL-1201 (non-surgical) solution for drooping eye lid condition. This condition occurs due to partial or complete dysfunction of the muscles. Currently, patients have to undergo complex medical surgery to fix drooping eye condition. Eye drops/drug will activate Mueller muscle to fix drooping eye lid condition. Few Analysts have PT of $9-$10.

Recent event 11/20 & 11/23:

Buried in the SEC 13D/A released yesterday (11/23): Item 4. Purpose of Transaction. (page 7) : The Company disclosed that this review will also include the initiation of a process for the sale of the Company.

Note that this is good timing for acquisition as they had an approved PDUFA on 7/16 and have one coming up for 12/29 for arbaclofen.

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