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Orange Juice – What am I missing?

I'll make it short: I know nothing about OJ except that I like it, and it grows in Florida.However, something stands out to me: when I look at the price of nearly every other commodity over the last 5 years, they are all going up as a trend.

OJ isn't. It's almost at a 5 year low, this despite Lumber being up 3x, Metals 2x, Corn 2x and so on due to real inflation…

What am I missing? Is OJ a play purely because the real inflation hasn't hit it yet?

Someone who knows more than me please tell me something to enlighten my smooth conclusion here… danke

Edit: Orange Juice isn't really grown in Florida anymore… so there's that.Edit2: Well wtf, my brokerage says OJ and OJ options (symbols) don't exist (yesh, i know how to trade futures 😉

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