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Options trading prediction before the date


First I started trading when RKT was popular here, I put all my student money (500$) into it at 25$ (It's 10$ now but I will only sell when it goes to 30$). Then I paused trading and last winter bought Wish and Alibaba shares but lost money selling them after a couple of months (Lost about -40%).

So now I want to come back to trading but I think day trading or long term trading is not for me because I haven't gotten lucky yet on it. I saw that many people are buying Options on BBBY now. AFAIK Options are stock predictions (effectively borrowing the stock, selling at the predicted price and making profit on the difference).

The main problem is that there are no tutorials for trading options – at least not for the Interactive Brokers client I am using. Well, there are tutorials – but all of them expect to have experience in trading – I don't have time to learn all those complicated sayings and words – also I'm not English so technical words are not that easy to learn for me. Why aren't there any simple 3 minute YouTube tutorials on Option trading?

So I'm using Interactive Brokers to trade and I got in to the option menu and noticed that the trading platform literally gives you info on the percentage of winning/losing money? Like it says I have 23% chance to Win 100% return and 0% chance to lose 376% of the money. Does that really mean I am guaranteed to not lose money? I can just buy this Option for BBBY and see at first?

What do you think of this thing?

Thank you!


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