Once in a lifetime discount opportunity detected at $ROOT via /r/wallstreetbets

Once in a lifetime discount opportunity detected at $ROOT

Have a wonderful day my fellow apes,

I would like to share with you why $ROOT is the scariest stock for a short (yes, Citadel is short right now) to hold through this week. I bundled my reasons in 5 points:

  1. Fundamental and growth merits of the stock (so you can see it's not only a pump & dump situation)

– $973,100,000 cash on hand : 248,900,000 shares -> $3.91 (According their last ER not including any funds from Carvana deal)

– they are the biggest UBI insurer in the US

– more and more states start to ban credit score systems like Washington

– biggest car insurer Geico only has presence in two states with their budget "ubi" while $ROOT got approved in 35 states

– best tech investors (e.g.:Capital Partners Iii, L.P. ,Malka Meyer, etc…) already invested at much higher prices and none of them sold

– they are opening embedded insurance and agency channel to acquire new customers at a much lower cost basis

Root flywheel

  1. $ROOT is in one of the most beautiful falling wedge patterns with a breakout imminent- this is a 1 year 1 day chart.

1 Year 1 Day Falling Wedge Pattern with Breakout Imminent

  1. Yesterday, $ROOT also updated us on a catalyst that $CVNA (Carvana) increased their ownership from 5% to 11%.

October Call Options

  1. The stock is being heavily pinned below $5/share with a 34% short interest and a constant 50% short volume in dark pool as there are 53,000 call options expiring this week 10/15 from $5-10 strike price. I like this setup a lot, but it's going to continue to be heavily pinned even with a catalyst.

Dark Pool Short Volume Ratio

5. In theory if enough apes gather around then we could break open this pinata of shorts and start collecting tendies!

Potential Tendies

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