NVDA crushed earnings. Cheap buy. Breakout coming πŸš€ via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

NVDA crushed earnings. Cheap buy. Breakout coming πŸš€

Nvidia beat Q3 earning projections and had their highest revenue ever. They just released their next generation cards and COVID supply chain issues have made it almost impossible for consumers to purchase but demand is insane and people are scalping them on eBay. They're moving the fab to TSMC (Fuck Samsung) which is also going to bring a huge process improvement going from DUV->EUV (like Gas->EV). Think TSLA ludicrous mode.

They continue to dominate their market and push ahead with the best tech to build their defensive moat. AMD has big PP energy but they've got BIG competition going up against CEO SWOLE DICK JENSEN HAUNG. They're critical to any company dealing will large data and AI that needs commodity hardware (e.g:PLTR) and in this space AMD hasn't been able to compete on this point yet.

The price has seen low volume since earnings sell off but not far off from recent ATH. My crayons say this shits going to awaken again and breakout. Now's your chance to get them cheap before the next run.


NVDA 600C 1/15 πŸš€

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