$NVAX lift-off confirmed via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

$NVAX lift-off confirmed

$NVAX EU EMA Presentation today 11/25/21 – EMA chief said the Final assessment of the Novavax Rolling review was completed on 11/17/21


The EU APPROVAL is imminent. The EU EMA Head Marco Calveri presented to the ECDC/EU Commission at 49:40 of the video ".. AND YOU KNOW NOVAVAX .. WE ARE NOW IN THE FINAL PHASE AND WE OUGHT TO CONCLUDE FOR AN AUTHORIZATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. "

$NVAX Expecting UK Approval anytime – The Guardian today:


WHO certifying vaccine produced by SII.


$NVAX Novavax pending approvals:

Approval news could hit anytime ⏳ ✅India🇮🇳 ✅UK 🇬🇧 ✅Australia 🇦🇺 ✅Canada 🇨🇦 ✅EU 🇪🇺 ✅New Zealand 🇳🇿 ✅WHO🌎 ✅Singapore 🇸🇬

APPROVED: ✅Philippine🇵🇭 ✅Indonesia🇮🇩

Moreover, current price $200.07 sits on 200 SMA, rocket is on the launch pad and has begun the count down. Currently 11% of the float is shorted which will proved additional thrust when approvals start flooding in.

Long since August and I have experienced a blizzard of dickslaps from the stepmarket, but the payday has arrived.

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