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Not Even A Broken Leg Can Stop the Luck of This Irish (CLOV DD)

CLOV is definitely down as bad as McGregor was trash talking with a broken leg on the ground, but I believe it is primed for another breakout. It is still a meme stonk after all, right? But don't take my word for it, check out the charts.

In the pic you can see we have dipped below the beginning of the first "baby" rocket launch (red line at about 9.30) that then caused all of the degens here to hop on and caused the shorts to cover their massive losses, resulting in the classic meme moonshot that we've all come to know and love. Also I have to give credit to u/cbass37 for showing the pattern of launches in all of our favorite meme stonks. Check the charts or u/cbass37 post about 10 days ago if you don't believe there's any method to the meme madness.

But since then we've definitely seen quite the selloff coming in the form of a falling wedge. The top of this wedge has not been tested in a few weeks but at the time of writing this after hours was pushing the top of this range. Volume has also dwindled but appears to be picking up these past few days.

In a perfect world we'd get a repeat of last time with it catapulting tomorrow with huge volume, but as much as I hope this is the case I'm prepared in case this doesn't happen. Let me just go ahead and throw out the "this isn't financial advise and I'm not a financial advisor", but the August 6th 11C's are looking like some tasty fucking tendies. For someone thinking we do get a more immediate 2nd rocket, I'd check out the July 30th 10C or 11C. Or 15C if you wanna just get fucked by theta or have a 0.000069420% chance of being a millionaire. Green lines in the pic are some potential resistances you may want to sell at if you still have the sell button available on your brokerage.

BUT DON'T JUST BUY OPTIONS, BUY AT LEAST HOWEVER MUCH YOU WERE THINKING OF PUTTING INTO OPTIONS INTO SHARES TOO SO YOU DON'T GET COMPLETELY FUCKED IN CASE WE GET A DIP! And it helps the underlying stock better if you buy shares I think, but I'm kinda retarded so idk. Oh and stop loss of like 7.50 or so but I know 99.69% of you don't have stop losses anyway.

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