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NIO, XPEV, and LI Report Earnings Soon. Here’s What to Expect.

tldr; NIO 1/21/2022 $35C + STONKS

U.S.-listed Chinese electric-vehicle producers — NIO and Xpeng as well as Li Auto — are all about to report third quarter numbers. Stakes are high because the stocks are on fire.

NIO stock (ticker: NIO) is up about 934% year to date, almost doubling over the past month. Xpeng (XPEV) and Li Auto (LI) began selling shares to the public in 2020 and don't have full-year trading histories. But Xpeng shares are up 77% over the past month, whil. Li stock has added about 34%. The returns have far exceeded those of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500.

Gains have left the stocks very highly valued. NIO trades for roughly eight times estimated 2022 sales. (Looking a little further in the future is helpful when comparing rapidly growing companies.) Xpeng trades for about six times estimated 2022 sales. Li Auto trades for about five times that amount. Tesla (TSLA), the EV behemoth, trades for a little less than seven times estimated 2022 sales.

Here's what to expect when results start to roll in.

Xpeng kicks off Chinese EV earnings season with its report and subsequent conference call. The conference call begins at 8 a.m. Eastern time.

Earnings for our dear NIO is November 17th

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