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Everyone who wants major tendies please listen. 1. CRAMER IS A FUCKING BUM 2. Tomorrow Nio is literally on sale at a discounted price (load up on calls) 3. LOAD UP ON CALLS 4. Nio will soon stabilize later this week and then take off next week with all the good news 5. Goldman Sachs price target to $59 6. RECORD NOVEMBER DELIVERYs 7. FUNDAMENTALS DONT EXIST WITH NIO IF THIS STOCK DROPED 10% in 2 DAYS IT CAN FLY 30% NEXT WEEK 8. NIO IS ACTUALLY A GOOD COMPANY. 9. FUCK THE BEARS FUCK CRAMER WELL PROVE THEM WRONG!! 10. NIO WILL NOT BE DELISTED IT WILL BE IN COMPLIANCE IT IS A LEGIT COMPANY!?

Submitted December 02, 2020 at 04:32AM by TraderPete1
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