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Nio gains


Started in 2019 with 5k during the cannabis hype off season, bag holding ACB I dont even know if I have a bag , holding APHA im even, almost same entry date but I avg down on APHA on ACB I lost my faith, holding XIAOMI was 100%+ but added more yesterday.

Sold almost half of my position on Nio for 43,37 , wanted to buy calls to defend my fallback in case it went up (like it did) but my broker has a retarded test and I dont like leverage.

Am I obligated to use leverage when buying calls ? If my calls turns out worthless whos buying it? If no1 buys it will get executed and I have to keep the trash? Need some help

Also want to buy shares feel free to throw companies so I can DD. Thank you sorry for the wall

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 10:32PM by faketrashcan
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