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Next CPI numbers on August 10th.

So i am an Europoor resident and i am not seeing the prices coming down here, what’s up in the US? wondering what could be the next CPI read, a lot of people thinks that 9.1% was the peak and we will see a lower number, which is probably what the market anticipates as well.

My take on the possibilities are:

  1. Inflation comes in at a lower % than 9.1, which means the current rate hikes was enough to tame inflation, so the market keeps on being bullish.

  2. Inflation comes in at a lower, but not low enough % that would justifie slowing down with the hikes, so the market probably will trade somewhat sideways until the next FED meeting in september where we will get a clearer image.

  3. Inflation comes in at an even or higher level, market probably will panic and causes another sell off, and the intensity of it will be decided on how big the number is.

What do you see in the USA? Prices coming down? still going up? Will the CPI coming in hotter than ever or does the rate hikes work?

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