Newsflash, it was a well done prank, and it was pretty damn funny. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Newsflash, it was a well done prank, and it was pretty damn funny.

People who are complaining about the prank are being bitches. Read rule 7 next time, and you won't wake up to a 95 year old laughing at you lmao. It's a temp ban, either just wait or make a new account.

However, I want to call attention to another group of absolute bitches that I see in the comment section, the people who are like "Boo new users, get em out of here, they only care about stupid ass GME".

We all know the only reason you're saying this is because you missed out on big gains. You're just pissed that some random jackass who joined 3 weeks ago has made more than you have in 3 years. We understand your frustration, so I would like to propose a solution to you. Grow a pair of testicles and click the damn buy button next time! Y'all are supposed to be RETARDS for fuck's sake! Act like it!

You had your chance to buy in December and early January, and you had your chance to buy again when it got down to 40 in February. And newsflash, we ain't done yet. 190 a share is a goddamn discount compared to where we're going. Shorts have yet to squeeze, E-Commerce sales are up, and Gamestop just hired Elliot Wilke from Amazon as the Chief Growth Officer. We come on here every day and lead you to the green crayons, we cannot make you eat them too.

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