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Nevermore (Parody for stocks)

Once upon a midnight story,

Almost nothing was hunky dory,

I lay awake as I await,

News that will decide my fate,

But startled am I when I doth hear,

An Ape named Fomo drawing near,

He hoots, he hollers, stakes his claim,

To BBBY and beyond, or down in flame,

"Yes you ape" I say with sneer,

"I know just what doth bring you here!"

The ape, he snorts, and beats his chest,

Of all the signs, this here is best.

Screw the fud, hedgies are weenies,

Trying to keep us from Lamborghinis!

This is excitement, not fear, not woes!

Pretty soon the squeeze will squoze!

The ape, he shows me, we need not beg Cohen,

We've got apes in this regSho-den.

Or perhaps I am misreading?

Or maybe this ape is just misleading?

Should I sell and run away?

Keep meager winnings for another Day?

As I spiral into depths unpure,

Quoth the Fomo, "Nevermore".

"Verily!" Says I to he,

"Perhaps I'll grab another three!"

And so I gather and grab my share,

My diamond hands, a glistening pair,

Togèther we will weather the news,

And so I kick off both my shoes,

I lay my head upon the bed,

To try and sleep much like the dead,

When from my chamber I heard him thumping,

Fomo and his furious pumping,

No not pumping as in dumping,

It was Watermelon he was humping!

Celebrating victory before the battle started,

"Thus is why they call you regarded!"

I shake my fist, one diamond knuckle,

But the rocket rumbles, I grab my buckle.

Take of is nigh, it comes quite soon,

We will dance upon the moon.

So let dear Fomo have his way,

Hodl, dear apes, we ride at break of day.

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