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NCLH to Jupiter’s ocean moon: Europa

Don’t listen to the talking heads: 1. The amount of debt is never the issue, it’s the cost of that debt 2. NCLH got a great deal on the cost of their debt 3. Debt can also be paid off, and paid of quickly when you have raised enough money to go zero cash flow until the end of 2022, but are on the precipice of a return to business, and likely record bookings in successive years to come 4. As a comp look to the airlines: they’ve had pricing power, and inflation has actually helped them as they can cover the increasing costs and then some for their own coffers. Remember when talking heads said the same about airlines as they’re saying about about cruises now? It was dilution and debt, check out the airlines current stock prices, and their climbing still during a broad sell off. TSA check-ins never surpassed 2 million since the Covid era began, until…June 11th since then there have been 4 days were passenger traffic surpassed 2 million leisure travel is coming back in a big way. Takeaway: Leisure travel is back in a big way 5. Cruisers are almost cult like in their obsession for cruising do not underestimate this, especially when comping with airlines who’s full rebound still requires business travelers in the mix, cruising is 100 leisure 6. Leisure is likely to have a Renaissance for the next 2.5-3 years due to pent up demand 7. Federal courts are about to get Florida/Texas and the Feds on the same page for cruising regulation 8. On Friday a federal judge issued an injunction against the CDC sending them back to mediation with Florida saying the CDC is currently asking too much of the cruise lines, regulations are now tilting in favor of cruise lines 9. NCLH has recruited and paid former heads of the CDC, and FDA to advise them and do things right they are now outfitted with air filtering, labs, medical facilities, continual testing, vaccinated staff, etc 10. Biden is going to declare victory over covid this 4th of July, or something damn near it, he can’t do that without clearing a large public facing industry’s path further, think of the momentum and ensuing rally for the reopening stocks, especially the ones that have yet to recover. Wait, which have yet to recover? 11. unlike other covid recovery plays NCLH it’s still approx some 60% down from its 5 year average pre covid 12. The stock is bouncing off its 50 day moving average a few points down from its all time post covid high. Not only is there an uptrend, but lots of consolidation
13. We are likely to hit under an average of 5k daily covid cases nationwide this upcoming week 14. CEO Del Rio is one bad mofo 15. Del Rio has reported record demand for bookings 16. Stock options are cheap right now, especially after last weeks sell off 17. Upgrades from Goldman, JPM, Wolfe 18. It’s not a matter of if, but when 19. Climb on in, strap up and let’s cruise on to the ocean on Jupiter’s Moon NCLH to Europa!🚀🌕🌊

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