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My current situation.

Okay, so I've been trading for about a year and some change now and I've learned a lot about option trading and wanted to step my investment game up a little bit. I see many people making a crap ton of money on this page and I want to be part of that. When I worked in the summer I put all of my income into my investment account ( At&t, and Energy Transfer) while also using some of it to play around with options only trading with like a couple hundred because I was scared to lose my money and also because I wasn't familiar with options as well as I am now. I got tired of just putting my money in and letting it ride so I sold all of my stock and it's now in my buying power. I want to get serious about the stock market and really put in the work of learning more about the market and just getting more comfortable with losing money cause I know that's going to happen with options trading.

I just want to thank the people on here who have like hundreds of thousands of dollars and just messing around with the market and options. I also want to thank the people who lost hundreds of thousands because this could all just be a contradiction and end up in the same boat as you guys but instead of a hundred thousand lost it's more of like a few hundred lost.

I wish everyone luck in this market.

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