My boyfriend thought I was cheating on him with Ameri via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

My boyfriend thought I was cheating on him with Ameri

Any mentions of stonks have been replaced with **. Don’t want this to be a propaganda piece just sharing my experience. Bisexual btw

So, my boyfriend woke me up holding my phon in his hand. He didn’t even give me time to open my eyes and he says “who the hell is Ameri!” I’m tired, haven’t had my morning coffee or my Cinnamon Toast Crunch so of course I’m in no state of mind to understand what he means. I replied, “I don’t know an Ameri”. He continues yelling at me telling me that I think he’s an idiot, that I’m talking to all of my friends about her and he knew that they were looking at him funny last time we hung out. So finally he throws the phone at me and says if you don’t want to be honest fine, just leave. So I’m up enough to read at this point, and when I look at my phone I had texted my buddy Ray, “I’m gonna get all up in Ameri Trade Monday morning, I’m a horny little slut for some ** and don’t worry I’m gonna **** off before my boyfriend comes home.” That was one of my more PG texts – as I’m sure my fellow apes can understand that I go hard on something when I believe it can make me that money () – and when I believe in the company (**). Anyways, 1.5 hours of convincing later and I still have a bf . However he now knows where all of my spending money is going – down the big fat drain. Not sure if I’ll get upvotes or down votes for that last part. Happy weekend retards, if anyone has some good loss porn please post it, I think I’ll be on the couch for a few days 💋.

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