Most of us lack morals via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Most of us lack morals

Just a lil something I wanted to point..Many of you attempt to dance of the grave of another.

Try to remember the human aspect of situations before you try to make money on News Headlines and decide to share them here. If you needed the headline you might be late anyways.Nothing wrong with trying to make some money on these situations in my eyes.

But when you post a Corn headline with great eagerness on here just because you want to make 10$ do you have a lil think about what life is like for the people in those situations? It's the eargerness that I find a problem.

Monkeypox headlines?Quick lets invest in pox company's.War in Ukraine?Quick lets buy fertilizer and cornTaiwan troubles?Quick buy War Company'sHousing prices gonna boom? Quick buy cardboard

Ps. to much Cramer lately getting a lil old

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