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Monkeypox is just getting started

Seriously. Monkeypox is going to get around and the rate its climbing at is curiously quick.

Currently we are at 23,620:

Here is a graph showing how fast its going up. Note this graph is delayed only including up to July 28th. 2,600 more cases since July 28th

Here is US data. At 5,811 as of today

Here is the delayed graph. Missing 1200 cases since July 28th.

Monkey pox is not exactly dropping people like flies. But I did find a study that laid it out well. Here is the risks:

Its wild but apparently a potential lasting complication is being blind and brain damage (Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain which most of us suffer from here already).

We don't know as much as we should. The article cited above is from 2021 and this is what they said about it spreading between humans:

Has expanded to this:

So here's the deal. Monkeypox is going to get around. Anyone can catch this disease and not much is known probably because it was never a problem before. So this will be COVID all over again in that the govt and handling of it will indeed be fumbled.

It's an election year. Do they want to have Monkey pox all over the place come election time? I doubt it. Vaccines are going to be ordered and this is inevitable. In fact, speaking about fumbling, its already started:

So what does the Govt usually do with problems? It throws a wad of cash at it and calls it a day. Companies profit and the cycle continues.

Monkey pox is full of potential news catalysts. Soon you'll hear about that 10k milestone. Maybe someday you'll hear about the 100k mark and so forth. I have not found much on deaths but so far I'v found there are 4 deaths outside of Africa. This one in the article was interesting because the person was 22. They also declined to let the airlines know they were infected and probably anyone else they interacted with.

So my guess is that you might die if you don't get any care. From what I gathered they were infected for weeks until they returned home and died. Stories like these are going to go through the news cycle.

Inevitably you will read that California is in a state of emergency and then the US will be in a state of emergency.

Inevitably the FDA will approve small pox drugs for emergency use authorization and the govt both federal, state and abroad will be ordering these vaccines. So just like with COVID, there is a very big potential bank sitting around for these companies to make.

With this said, each one of these headlines will send these small pox stocks higher. Theres only 1 drug specifically approved by the FDA. Just 1 and it happened recently!

JYNNEOS is made by BVNRY or Bavarian Nordic.

SIGA appears to have approval in the EU:

I was not able to find too many players in this space as being a small pox vaccine maker (small pox vaccines appear to have efficacy against monkey pox) but this article put it decently so here you go:

Ah looks like within the same hour, CA just declared an emergency. US declared national with COVID 2 weeks after CA did. The US announcement is coming:


Don't miss out on the next MRNA that 16x'd in 12 months from a world wide outbreak/pandemic. This won't be like COVID shutting things down and the like. But its an election year and the govt likes to pay to win so these companies directly benefit from all this. A plethora of headlines await of cases go up this, FDA approval that. Emergency this, (insert opposite political party you dont like) isn't doing enough that.

Go forth and be prosperous

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