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Missed NIO early days? FSR !

Lets be honest guys. NIO is the most solid company. No shit. But if it hadn’t already made you rich it’s too expensive to get in and the % gains daily are hardly even wsb worthy anymore. You know what’s lagging behind but just started moving big today and is charging forward hard the next couple weeks with Biden win and NIO earnings next week to pump the entire sector?! FISKER. I’m in 87x 11/20 30c. Lookin for this bitch to double from today’s open by end of the week. Which means we have 3-4 more days of hard pump with HUGE percentage gains. ANALysts saying get in now. We’re doubling price quick to catch up with the sector leader NIO. 22 was the first price target give today. Remember last week when NIO was given a price target of 32? Then 37? Then 40? Now we’re at 44+. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to cash in on market/sector sentiment plays. GET IN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE AND YOU’RE CRYING YOURSELF TO SLEEP LOOKING AT FSR GAINS!

TLDR: FSR any expiry. Any strike. Hold to next Tuesday for NIO earnings.

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