Missed Amazon? Missed Mercadolibre? Well you can still get $HEPSatitis-c! via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Missed Amazon? Missed Mercadolibre? Well you can still get $HEPSatitis-c!

TDLR – Yoloing on the Amazon of Turkey, which was the first Turkish company to IPO on the Nasdaq. Its down 90% from its IPO price due to bad timing and inflation fears in Turkey, but they are holding USD and are unaffected by it. They have their own payment platform, last mile delivery service, and grocery delivery. Literally Amazon in a country thats mostly made up of young people who are embracing technology and moving away from religion. Also they run their own infrastructure a-la AWS. As a tech bro, I can't begin to tell you how huge that is – imagine when Russias physical servers are crumbling due to sanctions and they come to other countries for cloud tech infrastructures solutions – guess who they are friendly with? Thats right Turkey. Stock is currently at $250mil market cap, up 50% from the all time low as of this week.

Read up more: https://investors.hepsiburada.com/uploads/HEPS_EarningsSupplement_Q42021_24Mar22_FINAL.pdf

And to add to all of these Amazon analogies, they recently hired an ex-Amazon exec to be CEO starting in 2023:


Position: 30k Shares

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