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Melbourne Vs Vancouver Casinos

ITS NOT AN INVESTMENT ADVISE. MY PERSONAL ADVISE IS STAY AWAY FROM CASINOS IF YOU CAN 😁 . These are very two similar cities where you see lot of incoming traffic every year. In both cities Gambling is legal. Both cities have great public transportation. Both cities got Casinos within a very close vicinity to train stations and located in central places of downtown. Both are university cities. Both cities got lot of Chinese population and so Bacarrat is most popular game over the week ends in all the Casinos. Its very hard to win over week ends in both cities. Only difference is how they operate the Casinos. Vancover operate it in Vegas style like they don't really depend on repeat customers. So if you drop-in to a Casino in Vancouver you cannot start winning without loosing 500-1000$ over a weekend depending on your wallet capacity. They will treat you like a repeat customer who comes back again only after you lose 1000$ which acts like a safety deposit or after loosing small amounts in multiple visits and then only the Casino allows you to win. So its hard to return home with a profit in Vancouver. One technic to win here is to play for less initially and wait for that lucky span of time. Now don't ask me what is the lucky span of time. Rely on your sixth sense which may work unless you are totally drunk. You take with you some 100$, play for a couple of hours and loose that amount. Buy a couple of drinks while you are playing with these 100$. Smile, laugh and act friendly and polite with the staff. Tip them when you win and show that you are just there to enjoy the ambience. Tell the staff to hold the place by claiming it as your lucky place. After loosing 100$(20$ should be for drinks and 20$ should be tips), withdraw 500$ from the atm in the casino. Count the money after you are back at your table and buy chips for 500$. Start slow again for next 10-15 bets and once you saw the time is ripe just increase your bet to 10 times your starting bet. If you are down by 100$ in this visit thats it for the day – GO HOME. No tips or celebration on your secind visit. Play very serious and if you are dare enough use one or two very bad words when you lose looking straight at the person who won. Dont spare even its a girl as you already bought your good will for 100$ from the Casino and most importantly you are drunk. Once you have over 750$ as chips, its the time to cash-in and walk out. Dont miss the last train home. Keep the visit to max one time in a month. If you can come home with a profit in Vancouver then you are really a A+ gambler. Melboune works the other way as it got only one Casino for the whole city. They need repeat customers who can bring other customers with them. So they will make you win first in Melbourne. Also the casino will maintain a happy hour every 12 hours or per shift. You will see top gamblers in Melbourne and as a gambler its very important to know who are there only to win. If you see people winning in games like Bacarrat, Black jack then the streak will not change for long time. If you are a Black Jack lover just wait till you find a winning spot on the table. If you are loosing and someother is winning wait till they leave and take their spot. Also wait for special days like valentines day, new years day etc for big bets where the happy hour can be a night long and you will see gamblers making 50K in an hour. A+ gamblers can make it big in Melbourne. But the logic is you should make a frequent but not so frequent visits to Casino to win in Melbourne. Dress well in formals and maintain good attair from Head to Toe, have costly drinks but less and make friends with staff by tipping. If you are still in positive side in-terms of Casino winnings even after 6 months in Melboune then you are a A+ gambler. Don't ever deposit your winnings back to your bank account as the Casino in Melbourne will have access to the bank accounts of the people who visit them regularly after their 5th visit in a month.

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