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Lurker turning Trader

Hello! Over the last two years, I've transitioned to an essentially stay-at-home-mom role from working full time and it's begun to wear on me. Keeping the house clean doesn't really hit the same on an "I feel complete/competant" level. So, here I am, with a brand new Robinhood account doing a bunch of reading and trying to figure out what to throw money into. (U)Unity seems an interesting prospect. How did ya'll get started trading? Any knowledge you have now that you wish you'd known when starting? Hope the "discussion" flair was correct. I'm really trying to reach out and meet new people since the most engaging conversations I have recently are about Bluey and Spongebob with my 5yo… So, yeah. Hi everyone!

Submitted May 14, 2022 at 04:02PM by premidlifeCrySis
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