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LUMN Optical Fiber (Lumen Technologies)

Lumen Technologies LUMN, formerly CenturyLink, is a telecommunications company that was founded in 1930 that investors ditched a few years ago because they thought that the firm only sold dial-up internet. Welcome to 2020 you old farts! Lumen is connected world-wide via it's growing fiber-optic network with fiber to the premises speeds up to 1000 MBPS. Though it's price has been cut by about two-thirds in the past five years, it's found support and formed a multi-bottom. More technical analysis reveals that there is RSI divergence, which indicates a trend reversal. Here's more good news: it has solid financial fundamental analysis . Since it's integration and transformation in Q1 2019, it's yielded a net income of over $300M each quarter, plus revenue growth this quarter. Likewise, it's book value (shareholder's equity) is a whopping $13.4B, which has consistently increased significantly each decade. In case you are skeptical, rest assured, for their price-to-book is a miniscule 0.82, a steep discount of what the company is actually worth. Also, Lumen has a crazy high dividend yield – over 11%. That's right! Buyers can get their money back in 10 years through dividends alone; and it's price-to-earnings is way below the market average, a meager 7.88. Similarly, it's debt-to-equity is manageably low, just 2.33. Buy today hold until new technology succeeds fiber-optic internet (2023 OTM calls are dirt-cheap).

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