Long $PLTR. It’s the next Tesla. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Long $PLTR. It’s the next Tesla.

This stock is going to the moon.

Half of its business is from government contracts — mostly the US, others from countries in Europe like UK and France. The other half is commercial, where they help large Fortune 500 companies make data driven decisions.

The boomers in both government and Fortune 500 have no idea how technology or data works. It’s natural to us as millennials to think that before decisions are made which are backed by millions in capital, that due diligence is done by analyzing data.

Well, the government and Fortune 500 don’t come close to doing that effectively. And that’s where Palantir steps in. It stands up a data platform to act as the organization’s nucleus that downloads all internal data so that it’s all in one place and can be analyzed holistically. This problem exists in every single org, and Palantir has the best solution for it on the market.

Don’t even get me started on the billion dollar army contracts it has signed with the US government. They pay insane amounts for better software so that our military strength is the best it can be. And the competition for it? Raytheon. The most boomer you can get. And thereby, the most technologically inefficient. It’s a joke of a competition for Palantir.

Its branding is also rock solid. I think this will moon like Tesla because of the similarities in branding. They’re both perceived as premium solutions to the problems they’re solving. Their CEOs are ridiculously smart and personable — you watch them give a talk and you feel energized and motivated by their company mission.

It’s only a matter of time before investors understand what’s actually going on here. Palantir has had a historically controversial and confusing reputation in the public media outlets. But I believe Alex Karp can convince investors at Wall Street that this is the solution the world needs — and already depends on — to solve its most important problems. Covid is the most recent example.

I’ve been a long time lurker here who trades on innovative stocks for the long term. But because of the current market conditions (ie. JPow go brrrrr) and Palantir’s total addressable market, the growth opportunity is insanely huge with a tech platform multiplier. And you know that Wall Street loves tech, growth, and platforms.

I believe at least $50 by March 2021.

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