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$LMND: Below $55 tomorrow?

Sup Autist,


I made post earlier in day about $LMND stock dropping tomorrow, hope you bought at the top. Not usually a gay bear either, but this was a no-brainer as they IPO'd at $50 earlier this year and were back there a week ago, with no news, negative EPS and a run up of $15.

How low do we see this going by end of week. Oh, my positons are 11/13 $63.5p which I bought when it soared to $68.30 top (luckily guessed the top) for $1.70 each.

Also, their OG investers have option to pull out initial stock investments tomorrow, so we could see it go below $50 by friday. Buy puts at open and sell around 11am EST for max profits.

Will I still be poor tomorrow? Probably

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