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Listen here, you potato faced regards…

  1. First of all, if RC doesn't tweet tonight and the price continues to drop, he could be found in violation of the fiduciary responsibilities he took on after his March purchases which included multiple board seats. He could face massive fines/penalties, lawsuits or even prison time.
  2. RC did not sell. We know that now. The fact that the market is not responding to that information leads me to believe that there sell of is a mixture of scared paper hands retards who cant read and computers…. that also cant read.
  3. Look at the charts AH after the initial sell-off. It's a perfectly calculated buy/sell in a sequential wave with almost zero volume. Low volume + computers = pretty little patterns.
  4. The people who really control the price don't have bloomberg terminals so the only market movers AH are computers circle jerking
  5. RC cannot sell off his assets or options for another 30 days by law
  6. If he were to sell today, his options are so OTM that he would barely profit. Why would he do that and then face fines/penalties, etc.
  7. My call is $40 by EoW.
  8. RC is likely not tweeting because he is concerned about SEC scrutiny that would come from any kind of social media post (see Elon Musk vs. SEC on TSLA)
  9. These WSB regards need to be a little less regarded and practice their 3rd grade reading skills
  10. WSB will be filled with panic sellers crying about how they jumped ship @ $18 after BBBY hits 30 -> 35 -> 40
  11. Lastly; the real killer of BBBY shares is fucking retards setting stop losses on every single account. These fuckers have FOMO and paper hands simultaneously. When there is a panic sell, that is a signal to buy, not sell.
  12. rant over. see you tomorrow. :rocket: :rocket: :gem: :gem:

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