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Let’s Have a Serious Discussion

I could have added bear gang but we all know they don't need help getting out of the closet.

So, lets talk WuFlu. The numbers we've seen in the past few weeks have absolutely obliterated all previous records with the introduction of sustained cold weather for the first time since we all hunkered down and put $10k on SPY 200P 4/20. Jpow rammed his fat printing cock up all our asses and we screamed in glee and agony; confused by the pleasure of getting the money fucked out of us.

A lot of bulls got a taste of the forbidden fruit, they wondered if they might also be a little bit bear inside. But as soon as Jpow finished blowing his first load, all the bulls loaded up on TSLA weeklies hundreds of dollars OTM, desperate to ride that cock rocket to the moon. Quick! they said, AMZN 2200c 6/4! ZM 250C 7/17! Screaming 'daddy yes!' as they desperately clung to the throbbing veins of Jerome's phallic federal fury.

Yes, they got tendies, and yes the bears may even be asexual now, too afraid to even take a position in fear of the mighty jpow raw-dogging. But what does that say about you, bulls? Are you ready to embrace that you might even be gayer than the bears? Has Jerome pushed you so hard that you're the sub and you don't even know?

Food for thought. I am actually interested to know what all you homos think is going to happen. If current trends continue, we're well over 300k cases a day by Christmas. You know the current administration is gonna let it all burn to hurt the new administration. I'm not sure they will pass a stimulus for the general population. They might for select businesses though, with a tiny little nugget for the rest of us gambling addicts.

Who will be the losers then and who will be the winners? No wrong answers, you're all fuckin gay.

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