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$KDNY Chinook Therapeutics

Guys I really like this stock, But im not an analyst so I’d love to see what traders think in the comments. I didn’t have any money when i bought is at $16.72 so i only have 5 shares. Now I have a good amount of cash ( thank you inheritance ) and im gonna get some more. It’s sitting at just over 20$ today and the sentiment is very bullish. Consensus is “ Strong Buy”. News Sentiment last 7 days is “ very bullish “ Blogger Sentiment 100% Bullish. Its got good momentum 52.01% with a price target of $33.6. Ive been watching this stock hang around 15-16$ for a while now with that 30$ price target with an Ask of 24.29 tonight. I think that 30$ target is finally here. Please let me know what your thoughts are. ( ps: my first post )

Submitted August 04, 2022 at 11:29PM by Nebula_Which
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