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im sure you guys are feeling the bears touch let me tell you why now is. the time to buy these leaps. 310-350 strikes are good for QQQ 1/23/23

  1. 10 yr treasury faces the steepest sell off starting mid June. -25%. these banks know what's up. that's why they always win
  2. oil prices are down
  3. my company has contacts with hotels/restruants and shit and do finance biz with them. even they said for June item prices are down by a ton. less inflation
  4. pce numbers were good. 4.9 expected, wall st said 4.8, reality its 4.7. we fuckin inflation
  5. Ukraine war, ppl saying its ending within this year cuz Russia is advancing fast
  6. Buffett, Bank of America and other big boys are buying a ton of stocks. check out latest 13f. even NYC retirement
  7. short selling increased 60 billion in may, 20 billion in June, rumors have it maybe even 1-5billion increase in short selling for July. everyone besides retail is bullish now
  8. bear markets last usually 10 months average. we at month 8
  9. don't be a bitch
  10. earnings for companies are increasing fast. also I bet Powell is increasing rates by 0.5 this week

singapore condos here I come

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