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Is the solar pump over or are we just getting started?

Obviously solar has had a massive pump in the last 6 months and the whole industry is up 140% YTD. We’ve seen some pretty big catalysts already – specifically China setting 0 emission targets for 2060. Also we’re starting to see some of these company’s turn a significant profit in recent quarters despite energy demand declining during lockdown.

Some of the big names (SEDG, JKS, etc) topped out mid-October and had a pretty underwhelming reaction to Biden winning the election. Now today even with vaccine news they pretty well all finished the day red. Isn’t opening the economy bullish for energy producers? Or do you think that today we just saw rotation into recovery stocks which triggered the selling (this was my original hypothesis but seeing green energy growth stocks like NIO pump today makes me wonder).

Hopefully some of you more educated autists can enlighten me on this one.

TLDR: JKS 100c 12/18

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