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Is Cathie Wood an idiot?

Ok, so I always thought Cathie Wood was a good investor. When she buys stuff people used to be like "Woah Cathie Wood just bought this so..I'm going to go buy it too!" Or at least that's the impression I always got.

I was pretty sure NVDA was going to drop a bit more than it did, and while trying to figure out why, I found out that Cathie doubled down on her NVDA investment and bought in yesterday. That caused a brief bit of a turn around. I'm pretty sure that was a bad move on her part. Or at least she bought in too early and should have let it fall to about $128 first. The stock seems to be over bought for the time being and I would guess it will still fall to about $128 next week.


So to see if she's the smart one and I'm the dumb one, I went to look at her ETF ARKK. She's lost 58% YTD. I mean look at this loss porn!

She's an idiot!… And she just loaded up on NVDA. I'm pretty sure that means….short NVDA?

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