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IPO issue

Hi Team,

I've checked the GME and AMC story in the past few month. People came together and managed to achieve something really special. What I have seen, was very unfair. In the end the "normal trader" had no options to buy more assets. They only had the option to sell and the market got paused for those stocks. Meanwhile the big hedge funds were able to recover from their losses.

Since then I compared the financial institutions to the common traders. I found something, I really don't like. In the 21. century, where people should be treated fair this is not the case.

Institutions have far more rights. They get the whole cake, but they are like old ships. Less people on board and if they are sinking, the tax payer has to pay for it.

They are allowed to buy IPOs first. Imagine that. By the time a normal trader is able to participate, the institutions sometimes have over 100% gains. Why is there this special treatment? Why can't the normal investor invest in a company before the IPO listing?

Would love to hear your thoughts about the reason behind that.

Submitted July 18, 2021 at 10:41PM by BTCBlock01
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