Investing with Lil Boat, DD based on the album. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Investing with Lil Boat, DD based on the album.

Yachty killed the coins when he dropped Michigan Boy Boat and tomorrow he's coming for the SPY. The album is filled with DD. Here's my review:

Track 3 – Concrete Goonies – Invest in infrastructure.

Track 5 – G.I. Joe – Long RTX, LTM, BA, DFEN, NOC. This is an obvious play you shouldn't need Yachty to elucidate for you.

Track 6 – Never Did Coke – This is a short play on KO. Yachty thinks kids are more health conscious now, but his bearish sentiment on coke long-term confuses me. I think they're well positioned for some CBD beverages and healthy drinks.

Track 8 – Plastic – Long oil. This is a recovery play.

Track 12 – SB5 – If you google SB5 you get PROFUTURA. This is a bullish Latina futures play. GPROFUT

Track 13 – Hybrid – He's saying short Tesla, as he prefers a hybrid to a full electric. Yachty is bullish on Detroit automakers. He seems to suggest he's made quite the bag off GM and FORD this year while fucking your little sister.

Overall, Yachty invests like a boomer, which is telling. I agree with some of his observations and will be adjusting my portfolio as needed.

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