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Impending scaling issue with powered electric cars

I wanted to spitball a little theory on the future of electric cars. This may be totally wrong, I am by no means good at any of this, and this is my first time ever sharing anything that remotely resembles DD.

I think its time we acknowledge that unless battery tech makes some Star Trek level leap forward, it looks increasingly less viable that we'll be able to produce enough batteries to meet the demand of electric cars and every other battery powered device of the future.

Lithium is by far a very abundant elements. Estimates are there are between 30-95 million tons available in the earths crust. The Gov's data sheet covers lithium consumption up to 2019, though its not the only source of concern.

Its truly not the most environmentally friendly option. As it stands now lithium battery recycling is still commercially viable, and the recouped materials don't even include any of the lithium. They recycling process alone is a fossil fuel powered smelter that cooks off all unwanted materials, including plastic, which we all know is fun to burn in a bon-fire but shitty for the world and our health.

Looking towards other viable tech options, hydrogen reactor tech seems the most viable pivot. Not only is it relatively simple to convert a battery car to hydrogen reactor, data centers already utilize this technology as cheaper, greener and efficient backup generators favoring them over diesel.

Hydrogen fuel is harvested from water, then converted back to water as the only exhaust when converted to electricity.

Though there are many hydrogen fuel cell/reactor companies out there the following are the cornerstone of my long-gamble.

HYSR (Sunhydrogen inc) is looking to make hydrogen collection as efficient and cheap as possible. At literally 13 cents a share right now this is the most speculative part of my gamble, but if their Gen 2 refinery pans out they have the potential to become a main player on the level of BP if this technology becomes cornerstone to our energy needs.

PLUG (Plug Power inc) is leader in hydrogen fuel cell tech which is the main reason for throwing money at them. Secondary, they're one of few companies looking forward to the inevitable need to convert existing battery cars into hydrogen reactor cars.

im still researching other companies, but again there are so many and good DD is hard to come by, harder to do on your own.

That being said, you shouldn't trust me, im not a financial advisor. I'm simply shitting in the wind to see if anyone else has caught a whiff of what I feel is on the horizon.

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