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I’m from the future part 2

Go long on internet censorship and PC culture. There are going to be up and coming companies that are committed to eliminating online harassment. Or so they say. What they’re really limiting is free speech and are basically selling bids for control of the online narrative behind the curtains.

Food shortages. That turned into a regular thing because of the climate and because of ongoing military tensions and conflicts.

India is really not doing very well at all.

World War 3 doesn’t really end. It also doesn’t explode into a full blown global conflict either. It just sort of fizzles and pops and it’s mostly larger countries trying to take over smaller ones for desperately needed resources. But the big one does get dropped. MSNBC tries to spin it like the bomb is good for the markets.

The US dollar is not doing very well either. It’s in a giant hole. There are way more trade disputes and embargoes as countries try to save face and act like the good guy when they’re really trying to strangle their enemies and it’s not good for global trade at all.

The wet bulb temperature. Large land masses especially are going to start seeing the wet bulb temperature exceed the threshold for human survivability. To the point where we come out with a new measurement system that shows how long in hours a human can survive as that information becomes most relevant. There will literally be heat warnings that are taken more seriously than tornado warnings and even situations where cities have to be evacuated on short notice to prevent mass deaths.

Oh yeah, this bear market isn’t a bear market. It’s not a recession. It’s something else. The rate hikes won’t work this time and we’re going to have a consumer debt crisis before the rate hikes start to have an impact on inflation. It’s going to come down harder than it ever has and stay down. Major indexes basically at 2008 levels. Good thing we just happen to need soldiers right now. Housing also takes a hit and foreign ownership drastically declines because of the evolving military conflicts.

Invest in essentials like staple foods and products that are dirt cheap that customers can’t go without. Discretionary spending is basically cancelled for a long time.

Oh right. Monkeypox is happening now isn’t it? Yeah that becomes a much bigger problem. Everyone who is using homophobia as copium is going to eat their words because eventually the WHO will admit it is aerosol style airborne and can live for days on surfaces. It’s going to get way worse in September when school starts. People are also going to start going blind from retinal scarring caused by the Monkeypox.

Oh right, Elon and Twitter. You guys are all up in arms about that. You know what Elon really wanted? He wanted to know how some of the more intelligent bots were operating so he could basically reverse engineer some of the AI and also figure out how to play it to his advantage. That’s also why he was making all of the market moving tweets. To see how the information would trickle down and be disseminated to end users and how well they would trust the information.

Oil is just going to go up. It normally goes down during a depression. But this time around it’s going to become apparent that oil can no longer keep up with global demand and countries are going to be hesitant to release their reserves commercially because they need to keep them on hand for themselves. But oil is going nowhere but up.

Also, Microsoft to the centre of the Earth.

Water wars will be an actual thing.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go try to assassinate a Russian oligarch. Cheers.

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