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If my theory is correct ….

So if my theory is right that someone or some company is using an algorithm or ai to keep BBBY artificially low. It’s a meme stock so it depends above all else on momentum. How do you kill momentum? Everytime the stock starts to uptick, sell off stock to keep it from jumping. All this stock would take is like 2 x 10 minute big time rallies and the shorts are in trouble bigly. However, with that being said looking at it today, it may appear they are running out of shares to do this with, as the dips are getting less steep and the up ticks are staying steep all things considered. I have 0 idea how this is going to pop off, but if my theory is correct then the hedge funds strategy was to get everyone out in a short time and kill the price. Thank god for you apes holding though. In my opinion, which is not financial advice, this is 100% going to be something whether it’s a week from now or 2 months from now one morning you’re going to check your apps and it’s going to have BBBY up 1000%. We are buying up everything they are selling. They are going to run out of shares to do this with. This is going to bite them in the ass. They underestimate how smooth our brains are, and by how much we hate them.

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