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If Musk weren’t around would TSLA come back to Earth?

I'm curious of any of ya'lls opinion on whether you think the growth of Tesla has been Musk driven or actual progress driven. I'm a turbomachinery engineer by trade, and I damn near went to work for SpaceX pretty recently actually, so I do have a sense of the engineering prowess the company has. But, we all know what a company is actually doing doesn't necessarily mean the stock price is going to respond similarly…it's mainly psychological not real; i.e., Gamestop and AMC. It's all a big meme. So hypothetically, say Musk's alien master race handlers come back and take him home, and we still have Tesla, what happens then?

TSLA does have a massive head start in the EV world, and I myself own a ton of TSLA. I support Musk's goals and overall plan, and I do think he's a brilliant person, but he's also not as self-made as the fanboys say nor is he a super ethical person based on accounts of friends of mine and him. But is the image he's cultivated driving the company stock price, or are the numbers? That's the million dollar question.

Also, I'm just gonna say it, Stephen Mark Ryan the Solving the Money Problem guy acts like a complete shitbag who survives off of calling himself a genius and smelling his own farts. I don't think the man is stupid, nor is he wrong about many of things he says about Tesla, but GOD he's insufferable and so arrogant. His damn Youtube channel keeps getting pushed to me by the algorithm gods at Google and everytime I think "…maybe this time it'll be different", I watch a little, hear him gloat about all his money, call some people retarded, and I want to puke. I hope he gets a taste of his own eventually.

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