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[Idea] New flairs!

Hey yall! I'm sure you guys have seen those posts showing people losing their money based on the fucking green eyes from this thread so here's my proposals – New flairs! They'd be as follows:

LUCKY gains – This will tell people that you did a gamble rather than an investment and got mad lucky. We'd keep the old 'gains' flair for those who actually did DD and research to get the gains. This will remind some of the newer starry eyed members, that "THIS USER GOT LUCKY…DON'T TRY DOING THIS WITH YOUR FUCKING LIFE SAVINGS"

Tendies – This would be for people who make good predictions on a past options post. For example, if someone says, buy tenable puts at x date / y strike, and it ends up being good, the flair would get the Tendies flair.

Stonks – If someone makes shit calls, we can mark it with the STONKS flair if it turns out to be bad predictions.

And MAYBE even punishments / rewards for too many stonks / tendies flairs. E.g. 200 stonks posts within 2 weeks = can't make DD posts or some shit…idk just shitting my unfinished ideas out for yall to steal…thanks!!!

Submitted November 12, 2020 at 10:04AM by Wetter42
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