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I think the tech correction is over.

I think the tech correction is over. Today money from bank stocks went to tech. It is the first time in the year that tech has a better performance than banks. I have a theory that this is what happened today. Throughout the year the banking sector has risen dramatically due to turnover. But now the wheel will turn to the opposite side.

*Today was the first day of 2022 that tech performance better than banks/defensive stock, interpret this to mean that the fear of inflation is coming to an end.

*The theory that banks will be a money-making machine in 2022 is wrong.

*Big Tech are the real money making machines. Apple,Microsoft,etc Even with rate rises.

*Big Tech is down -10% in less than a month.

*Banks/Defensive stocks are up 25%

*Big Tech ER in a few days.

Today The money went from Banks to Tech. Ladies an gentlemen, today pre market was the bottom for tech.

Submitted January 15, 2022 at 12:30AM by TMMAG
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