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I think Ryan Cohen sold his shares

There has been much discussion lately from the WSJ article saying RC sold his shares, and the top thread saying that he didn't that he only filed for an "intent to sell" his shares.

I am going to be the ape that says he really did sell his shares. Here's why.

I found this form to indicate when he acquired his shares


He bought them sporadically between 1/13/2022 to 3/03/2022, NOT ALL AT ONCE AT 4/21/2022!

This is confirmed in the Form 144 he filed on 8/16/2022:


Read that form again: Approximate date of sale: 8/16/2022, and DATE ACQUIRED: 1/13/2022 – 3/3/2022

This is of course, does not mean he already sold, but the current top post said that he would be subject to short swing profit rule because he now owns more than 10%, which is true…But that's not all his shares!

His first 4.1M shares he bought were before 2/16/2022. Is it a coincidence that he filed Form 144 on 8/16/2022, exactly 6 months after 2/16?? Absolutely NOT. I think he had carefully planned how much of those profit he intended to keep for himself and shared with BBBY. The rest of his other shares are subject to the short swing rule, and this is probably why BBBY makes that company statement that they are working together with RC Ventures. That is perhaps the transfer of the profit made from selling half of his shares.

I could be wrong, but if I am right, WSB has been played like a fiddle by RC

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