I really don’t understand these AMC posts… Who are the one’s celebrating?????? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

I really don’t understand these AMC posts… Who are the one’s celebrating??????


The A.D.D. of some of the people in the sub is almost impossible to believe.

Who the fuck is celebrating in all of these posts???? and when I mean "celebrating" I don't mean "today's gains" (congratulations on those)… I mean the "I told you so", "look at us now", "how dare you doubt our stock" tones of the posts.

There is no way in fuck, that you are going to tell me that you all have been in since A:. The mere fact that you were willing to buy AMC in the first place implies you didn't even know what the stock market was back then… So fuck you if you try to claim that.

If you jumped in around B: or C: and you are now claiming victory today, after you saw D: and even F:…. then you are a fucking moron… and I really hope that's not you posting this celebratory shit.

D: E: F: G:???? – Seriously, just shut the fuck up.
….. and buy mutual funds instead

Are you trying to tell me that all of you JUST got into this shit at H: ??????? ALL of you just became aware of AMC at H: ????? Because that is the only justification for "we're smart", "I told you so", "look at us now"…
And if so, do you fucking muppets realize that EVERYONE else you are posting this shit to, has lived through "A – H"?????????????????????????? (I find it hard to believe that you are all truly that dumb.)

Some of you sound like a Japanese citizen celebrating winning a wrongful death case against the US after Hiroshima.

…Oh by the way…. That's a chart

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