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I need (not financial advice)…

So first off if this isn't allowed please delete. I'm a poor baby ape that's been here for since it all started, I've held my one share on webull, was given control number to vote, and got my 3 more shares.apex charges either 50 or 100 dollars to drs and I just can't afford it. I have kids and bills and don't really make that much money. I've never contemplated selling, until now. I DON'T TRUST WEBULL! Should I just sell my possibly synthetic shares at a loss and use the money to buy direct from Computershare? My reasoning is I want to get away from apex and drs before they are all gone. I guess what I am really asking is…. Can I buy direct without already being registered? Or would it cause more pain to eat the fee and make apex send 4 real shares? Please any input is welcome and appreciated and well most definately not be considered financial advice…. I make my own decisions regarding my finances I'm just looking for info. Thanks in advance all you beautiful people!

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