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I keep buying the dip

I’m not autistic. I have a 50k portfolio and half of it was in cash because I took profits and then the charts started to go down so I didn’t reinvest. Over the last month I’ve been cost averaging into the SPY and other top tier stocks like AAPL and TSLA(to be quite frank I have zero confidence in Tesla being a top tier stock but Elon Musk is a fucking looney bin and everything he touches either blows up on National TV or turns into literally gold, encrusted with diamonds.) I’ve finally got down to my last 8k and decided that this is the bottom. This is where the obese meth fueled cat bounces off the cement. I slapped that 8k into SPY 400$ strike 1/20/2023 calls. I’m confident in my bullish position. Now I just want all of you to convince me that I’m retarded or applaud me for my wise investment decision.

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