I have a vision of this crazy new Flair for WSB via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

I have a vision of this crazy new Flair for WSB

So the magical story of u/Troflecopter has inspired my and has made my charitable-bone (aka my penis) tingle.
Someone in the comments had the idea of starting this type of challenge on Wallstreetbets that goes like this.

– Poster selects stock and strike and flairs the post with the new flair
– Post must contain proof of position and requires poster to specify his charitable idea
– If the strike is hit, poster has to deliver or is banned from the sub (or he drinks piss or smth.)
– Maybe mods can come up with an idea to implement a rule or option where some money is given to charities such as autismspeaks and other charities, where sub participants profit directly.

This idea is just something that jumped in my head as i think we have become such a big sub that we could do a lot of good apart from gifting money spent on FD's to the retards at the big banks.

Also we would need a name for the Flair / Challange / Giveaway Style

If you dont mind i would also like to start off with a Promise.

If PSTH or GME Hits 35 Before 1/15/2021, i will be donating 500$ to the most upvoted charity in the comments.

Submitted November 24, 2020 at 11:59AM by ryan148h
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