I come from the future to warn you about tomorrow. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

I come from the future to warn you about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not going to be a good day for BBBY. Why you ask, well it’s simple. You see the stock will not moon as WSB has once again set up an artificial date of the 31st for a moon or bust scenario. This is bigger than any one day announcement.

The second the news comes out you will see a quick spike up followed by the stock tanking. Why would it do this? Because people are predictable. You all have got your hopes so sky high that if the announcement isn’t insane it’s going to go bad. The announcement could very well just be hey we have a new CEO. Exciting for the company for sure. But not enough to keep WSB interest.

How to avoid this? Well let go of crazy expectations. Stop thinking and mentioning buy buy baby or Ryan Cohen’s involvement. If those must be mentioned in the press release in order for it to 🌝 then WSB has set up BBBY for failure.

Mark this post as a I told you so for tomorrow.

TLDR: The market anytime WSB double down on any stock 🖕. It never does what you want, only what you don’t. The casino isn’t for us, it’s for inside trading.

Future future prediction. Stock will tack on the 31st and then trade sideways for a few weeks. The stock will slowly rise through November in a way that doesn’t alarm the WSB sub.

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