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How I Met The CEO Of A Penny Stock…In The Hood.

Long story short, about a week ago (joke intended)

I was invited to the set of Black Mafia Family, by a relative who helped with the show's production. I got sent the location of the set that Starz Production (the show's film company) was filming at & so I decided to pull up. When I got there, I immediately knew I was in the hood, which wasn't a surprise considering that was literally the setting of the entire show. After nearly 10 minutes of me trying to find a parking spot, & being checked by security, I was finally at the set!

After I linked up with my relative, we started talking about the show's second season. Then this man walked up to us. He was about 5'6, Caucasian, and had a big stogie in his mouth. He introduced himself to us as just "Brian". Now at the time, my relative was starting to tell me about how he was trying to get the money to invest in the stock market. "Brian" overheard us & told us about this one stock that "he invested in". He didn't say the ticker symbol, but he said the name of it, "Faraday Future". I obviously took what he said with a grain of salt, but I wanted to do some additional research for myself. So fast forward a couple of days later, I'm on Robinhood & I see this stock named "FFIE" up like 40%.

Plot Twist, It was the same stock "Brian" told me about. So then I started doing some more research on the company, and then I saw in the corner of my eye, that the CEO or Chairman was this dude named Brian Krolicki.

DOUBLE PLOT TWIST, I tried looking up a picture of this dude on Linkedin, & Low & Behold, there was good ole "Brian".

Now how I got lucky enough to meet him? I don't know. And why the H-E double hockey sticks was Brian even there? I Truly Don't Know.

But what I Do know, is that I'm gonna be keeping FFIE on my radar.

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