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Hidenburg hates recycling Plastic

Normally I reserve saving the planet for a guy that makes cars out of the most enviromentally destructive rare earth materials, but Elon is the king of that.

Today we should talk about the plastic company getting slammed by flaming hydrogen blimp ambassador Hidenburg short reports. Now odds are Purecycle Technologies PCT was using a chef in the accounting department, but this is a story as old as the word wallstreet. Let alone the dark side alley known as the StarTrek elf.

This is obviously a calculated attack, and chances are the company will survive and recover. The report mostly attacks the management's character like it is a John Oliver sketch trying to red herring the story with nonsense to later sell the emotional appeal and zero logic argument of the segment.

I am long PCT, but this just seems more of an opportunity attack, similar to Axel dunking on a similar competitor DNMR (similar as in enviro plastic, but not similar in process or material created PHA vs PET)

The report is sloppy and shows little leg work. It looks more like a kid arguing point off a few website searches than a real short report with substance. This could make for a nice short squeeze.

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